American Studies Major Requirements

American Studies Major Requirements
To graduate with a major in American Studies, students are required to complete twelve courses:

One Foundation Course: American Studies 10. Organized around themes of democracy and citizenship, this course explores the many ways the United States of America has been defined and interpreted. It highlights primary questions in American studies and draws from multiple texts, genres, and methods.
Please note: Our introductory course, AMST 10, Intro to American Studies, will not be offered in the 2011-12 academic year.

One Survey Course in U.S. History in the History Department (HIS 10A or 10B). A student may petition to substitute an upper-division History Department course with the approval of his or her adviser. Transfer students may petition to substitute a relevant offering from their previous institution.

Three Upper-Division Foundation Courses--AMST 100, 101, and 102. Students should take these courses as soon as possible after declaring the majnor. AMST 100 should be taken during the first quarter of foundation coursework. Transfer students may petition to be admitted to AMST 100 if they intend to declare the major and are currently enrolled in AMST 10.

Four Upper-Division Elective Courses that Define the Student's Area of Emphasis in the Major. These electives may be taken in Amerian studies or from affiliated departments. The number of courses taken in American studies will depend on the student's area of emphasis. The faculty adviser must approve the area of emphasis, the courses that fulfill it, and any revisions to this emphasis. The department maintains lists of sample areas of emphasis and courses with American studies content offered in other departments on campus.

Two Additional Upper-Division Elective Courses. Students may substitute ten units of study abroad, internship, or language study for these upper-division elective courses.

One Comprehensive Exit Seminar. Students may petition to complete a senior thesis project in lieu of the senior seminar course.