About the Department

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American studies gives students an interdisciplinary and historically grounded framework for studying the United States; its political, social, and cultural institutions; its position in the world as a political, economic, and cultural entity; and the diverse peoples who live within or pass through its borders.

We encourage frames of analysis that remain within the borders of the nation as well as those that compare aspects of the United States with those of other societies. We seek to build among our majors a critical perspective on the rights, responsibilities, and privileges of being a citizen of the United States or residing within its borders in the 21st century.

We seek to prepare students to become critical thinkers, effective writers, and responsible citizens in an increasingly complex world. The program offers an excellent liberal education for students interested in law, journalism, social work, community organizing, business, government, and education. The major in American Studies leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree. There is no minor offered in American Studies.

The American Studies Department welcomes your inquiries. Email amst@ucsc.edu.